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Terry Culkin helps people understand and use technology in today’s fast pace tech-driven world.  Over 20 years of Tech Experience Terry Can help organize your companies technology; build, secure & optimize your business website; find productive tools to do more with less time & money.  

IT Management

Grow Your Business today by saving on your Technology.  Know what tools will work and help grow your business.  With over 20 years of IT experience I have helped businesses save money and be more productive with technology.

Web Development & Optimization

Websites are not only needed today but come in many types.  A website isn’t a one size fits all and keeps changing.  Each part of your business may even need a special site. Plus is your website secure, fast and viral? 

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There is so many fun and interesting things you, your kids and your family. 

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Tech Tips, Tutorials & Reviews

The easiest way to install WordPress

WordPress is the number one wWebsite management software(known as a Content Management Software) in the world.  Millions of large and small businesses use this software because it is easy to update.  Many people ask about installing WordPress.  This is a tricky...

Small Business Website wordPress

Cappio Landscaping Client Showcase

Cappio Landscaping is a Scotch Plains New Jersey Landscaping business. Cappio Landscaping services  Westfield, Fanwood, Scotch Plains area for lawn services, spring and fall clean up, planting, mulch and more.   Before I worked with them, they had no website. No...

Cappio Landscaping Scotch Plains New Jersey

Google Drive IOS and Offline Editing

Google Drive lets you store and sync files on your computer through the Cloud.  It also lets you edit files from the Cloud with Google Docs.   Now it works on Windows, Mac, Andriod and IOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)!!  Google moved to Google Drive last April,...

Google Drive

WordPress Security InfoGraphics

I always tell my clients to make sure that WordPress is always up to date. WordPress Security is very important!  If they can't update the software I do provide a service to do so. While WordPress gives the best tools to make a great website and give your customers...

WordPress Security

What is a Cloud Application?

Before we talk about Cloud Applications do you know what the Cloud is? This isn’t a white puffy thing in the sky.  Nope.  We are talking about the Internet here. The cloud is the Internet.  Years ago the Tech guys (me included) would draw a cloud to represent the...

Get your Small Business Listed Locally

Your website is up and now you need to get traffic.   People need to know about your services. I talk about blogging which makes your website bigger over time.  As your website becomes bigger, people see you, your service and products as superior.   Today the...