What is Online Security?

Online Security is needed now more than ever.  Anything that is connected online needs to be secure on different levels.  The device itself, the connection the device is using and the location where the device is accessing.

I have been working with all areas of Online Security since I broke into Information Technology 20 years ago.  I currently repair WordPress websites that have been hacked and also secure them before they are hacked.  It’s important to be aware of all the security issues while running a business.


I Have Secured Devices Easier By:

Managed Updates

Making sure all the devices in a business are updated is extremely important.  A device could be mobile, computer, server or even web application.  All of which need to be patched and maintained properly.

Remove Outdated Software

Sometimes outdated or software that no longer is supported becomes a big liability for a company. Some companies will continue using the software not realizing the risks. A lot of data breaches lately have been with outdated software that wasn’t replaced or updated to paid versions due to time and cost.

Backup & Cloning Web Apps

Backing up is extremely important but also having a cloned website or devices is just as important. With a cloned website you can test new updates without disrupting normal business operations.  On devices, a cloned device is a starting point to quickly recover devices that need to be completely replaced.

I Have Secured Websites Easier By:

Website Firewalls

Application firewalls inside Content Management Systems, like WordPress, give you more insight on how hackers are attacking.  They don’t only prevent hackers but give a big picture how the hackers are trying to gain access. Sometimes the main firewalls on the server may miss the intrusion.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring software gives live data on how applications are using resources. These applications can tell if an application is using too many resources or might even be compromised. These apps notify admins when thresholds have been reached.

White Hacking

The only way to make sure your website is hard to hack is to try to hack it yourself.  Use the tools out there to try to break into your application.  Online tools like Hacker Target give some help on how secure your website is from a hacker’s point of view.

Is Your Website Secured Properly?

With 20 years of Systems Administrator experience, I can help your business grow by automating your online applications and make your workplace easier to manage. Let’s talk about how to secure and manage your websites to reduce the risk of data loss and theft.  Contact me below today!

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