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A tech-driven mindset is needed in today’s startup world. However, balancing your business tech and picking the kids up is hard.  This is my oasis to talk about my experience in online business, technology and life.

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Are Your Industry Leaders on a WordPress Website?

A lot of people ask me what website do you recommend? I will recommend a Wordpress website, however, it may not be what your Industry Leaders are running.  Look at what the leaders in your industry us for their website.  I personally love and use...

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5 Easy Ways to Backup a WordPress Website

The first line of a secure WordPress website is to be prepared. Backing up your website offsite (meaning not only on your web host) will guarantee if something happens you can recover your business website quickly. You are protecting your online business success by...

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Create a Faster and Secure Website with CloudFlare

Hackers, malware, and spam! Oh, My!  It’s hard to manage an online business, and everywhere you go you hear all the horror stories of Internet Security.  How do you protect yourself? How do you protect your business website? First, I always tell my clients to make...

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5 Cloud Based Creative Tools to Share Large Files

Have you ever tried to send a large file to someone? Or a lot of files. What went wrong? Was it slow? Did they get them? Did your email client give you a hard time! Let’s face it if you are sending large or many files you may run into some issues. So if you need to...

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6 Mistakes On Your Small Business Website

Is your website marketing your small business? Reviewing many websites I have found 6 missing elements that hurt your business. A website is not a light fixture. You just don’t flip the switch. You need virtual items that people expect. A website is your businesses...

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5 Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic Today

We all want more.  When you are running an online business or any business that has a website, you want more people to see your website.  Here are 5 quick ways to Increase website Traffic today!  The great thing about them, they're FREE! 1 - BlogLovin - Follow blogs...

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