Google is the almighty solution to find anything.  I previously talked about 3 Secret Advanced Google Search Tips to Find What You Want. Now lets talk about one Google search feature that few people use but it’s a lifesaver.Google Search Tools

When you Search Google, you don’t always get what you’re looking for.  Let’s face it most of us don’t even go past the first page of results.  To find what you are looking for, you need to use Google’s advanced search features to dig deeper.
Google is about popularity.  This is popularity from a mathematical formula.  While the formula works great, we don’t always need what’s popular.  One major flaw is when results are outdated. I search a lot about software and this becomes an issue.

Did you know you could change the date of your search?  You can search and change the time frame of the search.  You can see what is new in your search.

Do a Google search.  Let’s look up – best business apps.  This is a general search.  Now Google has a list of links under the search bar.

Google advance search tools

You will see different types of searches here like News, Shopping, Images and more.   On the end you should see Search tools.  Click on Search Tools and a new menu will pop-up.  You will get – Any TimeAll Results and your location below the other menu.

Google Search Tool turns back time

any-time Google advance search tools

Clicking on Any Time will give you a drop down menu referring to the past.  You will see 24 hours, past week, month and so on.  This means that you can select the age of the information you are looking for. Remember Google is a current popularity contest.  What is popular right now! This dropdown is great for:

  • Filtering out old articles and look for newer ones.
  • Seeing what in your industry or search is trending. Type in your industry for example ‘Internet Business’
  •  From Custom Range you can select a time frame for your search. Try searching for ‘Obama’ and change the range from: 10/4/2008 to: 11/4/2008 and see what results you get.

How to stop Google from modifying your search

Did you know that Google changes your search for you?  This means that when you search for something:

  • It checks and even changes spelling
  • Personalizes from location
  • Personalizes it from sites you have visited
  • If you have Google + and singed in, it uses influencers on Google +
  • Searches words with the same root like ‘Finding’ when you searched for ‘find’.
  • Finding similar results for example in our search ‘business apps’ would brings up IOS Apps
  • Searches synonyms of the search, which are more popular than the words you used.

To stop Google from modify your search Click All Results from the Search Tools and select Verbatim.  This will take away all Google’s search modifiers and give you the raw search.  In some cases this will help your search. Try it now.

Location, Location, Location

The last Search Tool is your location.  You can change your location.  Location searching is great when you are looking for local businesses or events.  Search for Pizza in the search bar and you will see local pizza restaurants come up on the top.  You will notice that they are using your current location.  Why change your search location:

  • Let’s say you are going to travel somewhere, you can alter this location to the place you are about to visit.
  • Your checking how people in another location see your company.
  • Seeing what you see from other towns and cities for certain products and services.

Other Search Tools

If you are in different areas on Google search, like images, you will get different search tools.  We’ll cover images searching another time.

Try this now.  Do a Google search.  Go to Search Tools.  Select a time frame – for example 24 hours.  You will see only results from the past 24 hours.

Let’s talk about it.  How does this search tip help you? Are you using these search tricks to find what you are looking for?  Comment below and let’s get the conversation started.


To your Tech Success,