A lot of people ask me what website do you recommend? I will recommend a WordPress website, however, it may not be what your Industry Leaders are running. Are Your Industry Leaders on a WordPress Website_

Look at what the leaders in your industry us for their website.  I personally love and use WordPress.  However, it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what works with your industry.

WordPress isn’t the only Content Management system out there.  I love WordPress, but your business needs to work for your Industry.  Many people will hands down say WordPress or another system because that is what they are used too.  I have worked with many Content management systems over the years and have found that some work better for your customers.  Why reinvent the wheel.

If a  bunch of leaders in your industry are using a website platform like WordPress then that’s the one you should be using. Follow what is working for the top leaders.  Don’t waste your time.

How do you find out what the Industry Leaders are Using for their Website?

There is an app for that!  Actually, it’s a free plugin.  I use Chrome for this, there is a plugin for Firefox too.

Wappalyzer is a great application that will show you what software a website is using.  Got to https://wappalyzer.com and clcik on download.  You will see the link for the plugins.  Here you can install it into your Firefox or Chrome browser.

Using Wappalyzer is easy to see if they use a WordPress Website!

When you are on the website just look up where the icons are and you will see an icon of the website.  On my website you will see the WordPress icon, I use WordPress.

Some sites are hosted on Web builders like Squarespace or Shopify.  This app will show that as the host.


How can this work for your business?

Look up the top leaders in your industry.  Some googling around and you will quickly find who is a leader.  Or search on Facebook and LinkedIn to see these people as well.  They are called influencers.

A quick search for Fashion Influencer or Cyber Security Influencer gives names like Grace Bonney (WordPress)  Eugene Kaspersky (WordPress).  These are the people you need to look for.  The people who have thousands of followers and have updated blogs.

I see in many forums what people recommend.  When I see people who talk about other platforms besides WordPress website I see very little on their websites.  I also see very little influence on Social Media.  If you are going to pick a platform to build a business build one that others are successful on.

Once you find these people go to their website and see what the icon says.  Clicking on it will give you more information.

So what platform is popular in for your industry leaders? Let me know and connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.