Have you ever tried to send a large file to someone? Or a lot of files. What went wrong?5 Cloud Based Creative Tools to Share

Was it slow?

Did they get them?

Did your email client give you a hard time!

Let’s face it if you are sending large or many files you may run into some issues.

So if you need to send large or many files don’t email the files. Email the person a link to the files. Seriously it is much easier and you probably have the ability already!

Many people do this and it is not the right way. I still get videos from my sister that she sent through email.

Many people will just do what they are use to and take a large file and dump it into their email. But here are some other solutions.

Here are 7 creative tools to send large files:

  1. Drop BoxMy favorite –For me Drop Box is the easiest creative tool. Install the app on your computer. Place your files in your DopBox folder. Then, right-click the file you want to send and click on ‘Copy DropBox Link’. Next paste that link in an email to a friend. If you are sharing a lot of files you can create a shared folder.
  2. Google Drive – Whether you have Google Drive installed on your computer or using the web version it is easy to share. And since many people have Gmail, you already have Google Drive! Log into the Drive’s website, click on the NEW button. Select upload. Once the large file is uploaded, click on the share box. Put in the emails and you are done! I have shared many things from videos to massive projects this way.
  3. Box – Pretty much the same as DropBox when it comes to functionality. The plus is you get more space for free.
  4. MediaFire – Lots of FREE space is always good. Plus it’s social features, allowing you to invite friends from social networks to view or edit your files is a sure plus. Great for collaborating on projects.
  5. WeTransfer.com – This is great. You add a file up to 2GB and put your email, your friends email and a message. Works great and is probably the easiest to use.
  6. Justcloud.com – This is a great Cloud Storage backup site. While backing up you are able to share files with friends. Again this one has a large amount of FREE space.
  7. Amazon Cloud Drive – This is another easy Cloud storage. To share files, simply upload your files and click on the link. You can copy the link to your clipboard and paste it in an email or send it through email. It’s now unlimited storage! Great for all those digital files we have.

These creative tools allow a couple of things. First you can access the files from anywhere. You can also send the same file to many people. Let’s say you have a video that five clients need to see. The video is 400MB! Using one of the above methods will let you easily share this file.

You can also take it down whenever you want. This means after a week of having the file up you can delete the sharing ability of the file. This comes in handy when working on projects through stages.

Of course, more Cloud applications are out there. New ones are born every minute. Most online storage allows sharing large files. Apple and Microsoft have their applications as well, but I find they are only useful for their own devices.

Using Cloud Applications to store and share files is a must today. It is much easier then sending many versions of a file through email. This one thing may save you and your business a ton of time. Try one or a couple of the above today and let me know in the comments ‘how these are working for your business?’

To Your Tech Success,