What is Systems Administration?

Systems Administration is automating and managing your business process with the right software and hardware.  Over the past couple of years, the main focus has been using more Cloud-based programs to reduce cost.

I have been doing systems administration for 20 years.  This includes managing Windows, Mac & Unix and trying to get them to play nice with each other.  Also, training the business user.   Every business depends on computer systems and a Systems Administrator can improve your business.


I Have Managed Computers Easier By:


Make sure your computers are listed in an Inventory.  One can even easily be built with WordPress and printed.  All inventories should be printed and put into a hard copy for everyone to easily reference.

Remote Management

There are many built-in remote management systems and free Cloud programs like Zoom to help control computers when their users need help.  Managing remotely can be passive (the user doesn’t need to interact) or interactive ( where the user allows you access each time.).  You may need to choose which is best for your workers.

Backing up - Disaster Recovery

Every business needs to think of backing up everything they do both in-house and Cloud. Furthermore, a disaster recovery plan should be in place to make it easier to recover from the unthinkable.

I Have Secured Computers  & Networks Easier By:



A Firewall protects your computer and network from hackers and bots.  It’s important to have firewalls on a network, individual machines and on Web Applications.  This is one of the most important parts of securing your files.

Password Management

Passwords are the key to everything in security.  Managing passwords is a skill that everyone should know.  Having passwords secure somewhere is essential.  Creating a list of your logins and having the passwords in a separate location helps.

Training Users

The weakest link in a business is usually employees.  Security is a skill that all employees must learn.  I have trained users online and in-person on simple security for 20 years.  Most breaches happen from an employee mistake.

Is Your Business Managed and Secured Properly?

With 20 years of Systems Administrator experience, I can help your business grow by automating your systems and make your workplace easier to manage.   Let’s talk about how to secure and manage your computers to reduce the risk of data loss and theft.  Contact me below today!

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