What is Web Development?

Websites are the windows to your business.  A website gives 24/7 access to customers around the world to your business.  A properly created website for your business allows you to grow quicker by referring general and advanced questions to online posts, videos and store.

I have been developing and maintaining websites in PHP, Javascript, MYSQL, CSS, HTML and other programming languages for 20 years.  Technologies have changed over the years but the results of a great website on business success have not.  Web development is a small part of having a successful online platform which consists of a website, social media and online marketing.


I Have Created Websites Easier By:

Your Business

A website is as unique as your business.  Building and designing a proper website for your business takes time and money to develop since it needs to fit directly with growing your business.  Many businesses have different websites or web applications for different parts of the business.

Building for Your Audience

Creating a website for your ideal customer is essential. While you might have some grand plans, the most important thing is to appeal to your customer and their wants.

The Platform

Just like building a house you need a solid foundation. This is the platform, or Content Mangement System (CMS).  This allows you as the owner to update content and interacts directly with your customers.  WordPress is a great CMS that does this and more.

I Have Coded Websites Easier By:

Open Source

Open Source Platforms are usually more secure than closed due to the openness of security issues.  Plus the tools are used more widely.  The teams that work on these tools usually work for companies that support them.


To build websites quick and secure, frameworks like BootStrap and Genesis Framework are needed.  Learning new frameworks all the time like node.js help to keep websites modern and add the functions that customers are craving.

Always Learning

Web development is ever changing.  Keeping up with the latest trends and tools means to never stop learning.  I love reading and learning new development tools every day.

Websites I’ve Built

WordPress Website

Language Resource Center

@ Columbia University

WordPress Website

WordPress Website

WordPress Website
Custom Content Classes
YouTube Video Embed Managment

WordPress Website
Multi-User Management

Is Your Business Website Meeting Your Needs?

With 20 years of website development with multiple of platforms, I can help your business grow by helping create a 24/7 365 days a year employee – Your Website.   Let’s talk about how to create a website the works for your business.  Contact me below today!

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