What is Content Creation?

A website is the best way to market how your business helps your customers.  To do this you need a Content.  A blog is the most popular form of online content. The content of the blog can be written, video or audio.  I have helped write and edit copy on many blogs including my own.  I have created podcast and setup video for Columbia University and clients.

Blog content writing is giving a story to your customers.  These stories over time will help to attract more clients.


Written Content I love To Create:

Blog Writing

Creating blog content can be hard to keep up with.  I have written SEO enhanced blog posts for my own sites, Columbia University and clients.  These posts have helped attract new customers.  The blog posts have been tutorials, insightful articles and uplifting stories. Topics have included technology, parenting, language learning and web security.

Content Marketing

Content for landing pages on selling products is a hard task.  You have to know your audience, the product and prove the product can solve a solution.  Content marketing is the art of words to sell services and products.  Having great SEO and knowing how to add pictures and videos helps to fully sell online.


Creative Writing

A hobby of mine since 10 years old.  I love a good story and creative writing has been an outlet for my creative side while I fixed networks, computers and websites.  This skill now helps me build up clients brands with interesting stories that uplift their clients.

Media I love To Create:

Social Media

Social Media management is an amazing marketing tool today.  Writing and managing social media is a must for every business.  Just a small Social Media campaign can bring in thousands of revenue over a short period of time.


Podcasting is fun and has many different parts.  I have setup and managed many podcasts on iTunes and other platforms.  From selecting the right recording equipment to editing the audio all the way to publishing on a website and iTunes.


Video is so much fun to produce today.  With an abundant amount of tools to capture and edit I always love video projects.  I have created my own training videos, captured and produced events and edited clients marketing videos.

Is Your Content Attracting The Right Clients?

With years of writing, video and audio content creation experience, I can help your business grow by finding the right creative voice for your online marketing.   Let’s talk about how to attract clients with amazing content.  Contact me below today!

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