What does an Internet Business Coach do for Small Businesses?

Seems everyone is a web designer today.  With the great tools out there anyone can call themselves a web developer, designer, blogger or an expert.  There isn’t much to know if you just want to put a page up on the web.  That is the easy part.  However, to put a page up on the web that people will find easy and actually help a small business is the hard part.  An Internet Business Coach can not only build a website, but also mentors the small business on the tools that they need to expand their website.  To grow a business online isn’t the same as growing your business.  Growing an online business is creating a 24 hour automated solution for your business without spending a lot.

Unlike most Internet Business Coaches, I prefer a more hands on approach.  I work with my clients over the phone, Skype and even remote control their computer if needed.  As I coach my clients I don’t just tell them what to do, but I actually code, edit DNS, edit html code, create the framework of their website,  help them purchase hosting, and other needed tools.

The steps an Internet Business Coach takes in building a website will be different then the usual web designer, since design isn’t the important part of putting your business online.  Saving and making money is the most important part of having a website and social media accounts.  I make sure this is top priority as I work hands on with my clients.

The Unique Internet Platform steps I uses for all my clients:

  1.  Organize and Plan – Like your business, your website and Internet technology needs a plan.  You need to set goals and know where your potential clients will find you.
  2. Get online –  This is the building a website step.  Using WordPress and Google apps, I create an entire easy to use platform that you can communicate with your employees and customers with.
  3. Get into the cloud – Taking Google Apps to the next level, I work with you to find online cloud applications that will help your business grow, cut costs and help get paid quicker. (Ex. Mailchimp, Freshbooks.)
  4. Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are very helpful with small businesses today.  They allow small businesses to talk with customers easier.  Also find business partners and new opportunities. Systems need to be setup to keep these accounts fresh with content.
  5. Integrate and Automate – All the above is fine, but how do you put these things together?  Creating a system that is unique to your company is the best way.  Creating policies and procedures that will help grow your business online.  Using online cloud applications that integrate with your website, google apps and social media to automate as many tasks as possible.
  6.  Interact with Customers – The point of having a website is about communication and to directly communicate with your customers.  With social media, your website and many great online cloud applications, interacting with customers becomes easy.  A happy customer will become a raving fan!
  7. Maintain, expand and evolve – If you own a store and don’t sweep the floor and clean up, then no one will ever want to come into the store.  That goes double for websites and social media.  There is a lot of updating and maintaining.  Once a system is in place keeping your website up to date and backed up is only a little time each month. It can also be outsourced.

The main idea of the above structure is that it is an ongoing process. Internet Business Coaching is about creating a long-term commitment to use technology tools in your business.  Any of the above steps or parts of them can be outsourced.  It’s important for a small business to have a plan and know what they want out of having a website and social media first.  Then determine which parts can be done in-house and which can be outsourced can easily be decided.

As stated above, building a website with an Internet Business Coach is different mainly because owning and operating a business online never stops.  A web designer will design your website and then leave it. An Internet Marketer will setup systems after your website is built.  An Internet Business Coach will be there to advise and help you through different phases of your Internet identity.  Both developing and marketing.  Having a website that grows with content for your customers will create you and your business as the expert of your field.

Fo further information on what I can do for your business please contact me.

Good luck, and leave a comment below, Twitter or Facebook me.  You can always contact me with any questions.  I am here to help you with your online business struggles.

Your Internet Business Coach,

Terry Culkin


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