I love to use and recommend to my clients great online applications (also called cloud applications) that will help my clients by save time and money.  Today we are looking at DropBox.

Quick Summary of this App:

Dropbox is an online storage application that works by placing a folder on your computer.  Everything in this folder gets copied to the Cloud. If you link more than one computer to an account, then, that same folder gets synchronized over the cloud to different computers.  Meaning, if you have a laptop and desktop and install Dropbox on both with your account, when you save  a word document  inside the Dropbox folder, that file will automatically appear on the other computer ready to be viewed and edited. You can also share folders with another Dropbox user’s account.  This will make you able to share a folder inside your Dropbox folder.  The two of you (or more than just two accounts) can work on or share files.  Whatever you change or add to that folder, the other people who you shared the folder with will see the changes and vice-versa.  Also Dropbox has mobile applications for your Android, iPhone and iPad which allows you to view and even edit some files wherever you are.

Drop Box Cloud Storage

What are the core features of this app:

  • Access your files from multiple computers (Windows or Mac).
  • Access your files from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Share large files with anyone.
  • Share folders of many files with clients or employees to collaborate and work on.
  • Sync your pictures and easily have them online.
  • Free for the first 2GB of data. (You can get more free space and there are paid versions)


How will this help your business?

If you use more than one computer ,then this application is really  powerful. One Dropbox folder will automatically get synced when you are connected to the internet.  Meaning that you don’t have to use a thumb drive or email yourself important files.  You can also login to the website and download files.

Any file type can be synced.  This means large videos or other media projects can be quickly backed up and shared.

You can create a link of a file to send large files to customers or employees.  You can also put video, audio, images, pdf, word and excel files in your Dropbox folder and access them on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Sharing and working on files with a co-worker is easy.  They need a Dropbox account and then you can share a folder.  Whatever is in that folder, both of you can work on these files.  Remember – you are giving full access, meaning they can edit and delete these files.

Clients and Personal experiences:

Dropbox has allowed me to work on items on my desktop at the office and my laptop when I’m home or traveling. I have access to the same files and continue working on a project.  There are no extra copies.  Also, I am able put videos and audio files that I need to review in the Dropbox folder and view these on my iPhone or iPad, while I wait somewhere or travel.

My clients have used this for sharing items with employees in other states.  Also they send large files to clients.  I have used this application with many of my clients by creating a shared folder and giving them all their website files that they need. No more burning a CD and sending it in the mail.  Since its synced automatically, when I make changes to a file, the client has the most up to date file already on their computer.

My Summary of this application:

Easy to use.  That is the main reason why Dropbox is used so often.  It is a simple application and not hard to get used to.  While some other backup and sync products have a ton of features, Dropbox stays on top of its core features.  Also security has been great.  Over the past couple of years, the company has had only minor outages and issues.  For Cloud storage, backup and sync, I have my clients use Dropbox first.  I think it’s a necessary tool for all small business owners and self-employed professionals.  After 2GB free, paid plans start about $10 a month.

Go to Dropbox review their tour and sign up for a free account.   If you have questions on this Cloud Application, comment below or contact me.  This is one of many online Cloud Applications that can help lower your overhead and increase your profits.