Google Drive lets you store and sync files on your computer through the Cloud.  It also lets you edit files from the Cloud with Google Docs.   Now it works on Windows, Mac, Andriod and IOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)!!  Google moved to Google Drive last April, but in June they launched the Google Drive IOS.

Google Apps users can use Google Drive to share data with employees or clients.  Installing Google drive on your computer helps sync these files to the Cloud.  This means you don’t upload any files, just place the files inside your Sync folder.

Google Drive

Of course there are other applications that sync files across the Cloud like DropBox.  However, very few let you create documents online and share those files with other people.  Now you can edit files offline when you are not connected to the Internet.  This feature works on Google Drive IOS.  Go to your files in your Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad and swipe them to get options per file, turn ‘Available Online’ to ON.

As an Internet Business Coach I recommend using Google Drive for business owners looking to create and edit files on multiple computers or on their mobile devices.  It can also be used to store files on your website for a quick download, but that’s another post!Google Drive is a great Cloud Application that small businesses can use to share and edit files online.  The possibilities of Google Drive are unlimited and I will be posting more on these in future blog posts.  Till then take a test drive of Google Drive by clicking on Drive or if not activated Documents inside your Gmail or other Google Acount or go to

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