Do you ever wonder how some people have their picture on blog comments? There is secret tool out there called Gravatar.  This is the best and easiest to use Cloud App on the market. All Gravatar does is create a picture business card.  This business card is put on blogs that you comment on.  This is grass root Internet marketing for your small business website. Today’s video will show you hands on how your business can be more visible

Commenting on industry or similar industry blogs really helps to promote your website.  I call this a business website essential.  You should be creating a list of blogs that talk about the topics you are an expert in.  Visit these websites frequently and comment on posts that are relevant to your expertise.

It’s simple!  Let’s get started.  Watch the video below to learn how to use this great Internet Marketing Tool!

 Small business website essentials you will learn:

  • What is Gravatar and how you can use it for your small business website.Lens Small business website essentials
  • How people can see your picture or logo when you comment on blogs.
  • How to link your website.
  • What other information you can put into Gravatar.
  • How to sign up and login to Gravatar.

Hmmm.  How does it work? Well it’s simple. The email address that you use will be used to identify you on the blogs and places that use the Gravatar system.  When you fill out a comment on a blog that uses this service with your email then you will see your picture.

Remember, since Gravatar is based on the email you use, make sure you are using the email that you have inside Gravatar.  You can have multiple emails in Gravatar.

Since this product is created by WordPress, all self hosted WordPress users should be using it. Functions of Gravatar are built into WordPress.  You should see your Gravatar when you login to your WordPress website.  If you don’t see your picture in WordPress, then turn on Gravatar in Settings | Discussion. Just check that box towards the end.  Again, make sure the email address you are using for the Gravatar matches the one in your WordPress website’s profile.

Enjoy having the world see you.  I hope you enjoyed learning about this small business website essential tool.  Do you use Gravatar?  Do you comment on websites?  Comment below and tell me how this tool has helped your Internet marketing.

To your Tech Success,


[Picture Credit: Dan Strange ]