Einstein is seen as the smartest guy who ever lived.  Why? What made him so smart? Many people have studied him and his brain to try to discover the magic formula.  There has been a ton of books on this subject.  How can you be smarter than Einstein? Business leaders need to be Tech-Savvy smart in today’s technology driven economy.

Smarter than EinsteinOne book I have read many times gives a simple explanation. It’s called ‘The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence’. It basically told the story of Young Albert Einstein writing everything down.  He would take a small notebook with him and write ideas down as they came to him. The book gives great tricks to increase your intelligence.

This is called re-enforcement.  It has been a proven technique to increase brainpower. We all have ideas and thoughts that flow through our brain daily.  You probably had a couple of hundred thoughts whiz by since the start of this article.

Now to look smarter in business is as simple as writing everything down that you see.  Wow! Great concept.  How in the heck can anyone do that?

Let’s think about it.  We are talking about your business right now.  Let’s say you do a Google search on the best WordPress hosting company.  And you come across five or six websites.  Some are the actual companies and others are people talking about the companies.

What do you do?

  • Read them all?
  • Print them out for later.
  • Get distracted and forget about them?

There’s an App for that! Evernote.

I will tell you what I do.  I save every single website. I save them and put keywords on them – WordPress, hosting, website, Biz.  Now I do this by using a great program called Evernote.  If you are not using Evernote or another note taking program you are letting great ideas slip by you.  It is impossible to remember everything.

Now I have a web clipper on my browser.  So I just click on the Evernote Elephant icon and put some tags about the page.  It’s that easy!

Now when I’m out of my office I can access this on my phone. I can access this online at anytime.  I can even share a notebook with a client or co-worker.  This is great for brainstorming or researching new ideas.

How does this make you smarter than Einstein?

Knowledge is power.  Einstein knew things that others may have of thought of but never re-enforced them by writing them down. Being smarter then someone else is a myth.  Being smarter than Einstein can’t be tested and doesn’t even matter. We all know things better than anyone else.  But if you are able to find things quicker than anyone else, you will impress them.  This is one way to give the illusion of being smarter than Einstein.

Let’s say two months from now a business friend and you are talking and they say they are looking for a WordPress hosting company.  You tell them you found five great article on this and you’ll send them to him. Now all you have to do is go into Evernote, look up the tags and copy the websites to an email.  Shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes.

Wow.  This guy knows everything!

Looking smart in today’s business world, is being smart.  We are smart because we use the tools that save us time.  We are able to get more done.

Tech Savvy Business Action steps.

Use Evernote. If you don’t have an account sign up for a free one. Download Evernote to your Mac or Windows Computer. Install the web clipper. Tag some websites and put some notes in it. It’s a great tool to make you look smarter.

Let’s get the conversation going.  What online tools do you use to look smarter than Einstein? Do you use Evernote?  Do you use another Note Taking Tool?

Doing this above action step has made you more Tech Savvy in your business. Being Tech Savvy is that easy.  Sign up here to get weekly doses of Tech Savvy Biz advice to take your Business to new levels.

To Your Tech Success,