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Small Business Website Content Marketing
Why does your small business need a website? A website is a tool for your business. A small business website markets your business online. Meaning, it attracts new customers and keeps old ones. For your website to do this, you need to constantly maintain it, like you would a store front window. This is where content marketing comes in.
In the old days with retail stores, the storefront window would attract new customers. Think of your small business website as the retail window display for your business. Instead of mannequins and products, you have written words, pictures and videos. That is content. The more unique and updated the window display, the more new customers are attracted. Content marketing says the more frequent you ‘post’ on your website, the more customers will click through.

The Perfect way to attract customers online

The most important thing about building a business website is creating content. Think of it as talking to your customers or clients. Yes – content marketing is confusing in the beginning. That’s why I’m here to help. The right content raises your Internet Voice. It becomes your store window. The more content you give out, the more people will find you. The louder you scream, the more attention you get. The more you post on the same topics, the louder your Internet Voice! More people find your business.

Your content marketing is based on the tools reporters use: who, what, where, when and why. It’s better to understand the importance of content marketing this way:

  • Who are your customers? Creative ways to build a following with content marketing.
  • What Type of Content? Choosing your content with content marketing.
  • Where do you put the content? Communicating to the world with content Marketing.
  • When do you post the content? The secret tips on when to post blogs and social media
  • What are the true results of small business content marketing? The surprising results from small business content marketing!

In this series of blog posts we will be discussing content marketing in more detail. We will build your virtual storefront and expand your brand. I encourage you to keep talking to your customers by creating content especially for them! This means you showing the world all your expertise. Anyone in the world can find your website and see your conversation. Pretty cool, right?

Keep raising your Internet Voice by building more content for your small business website.

Here are some toolbox resources to get you started with content marketing:

  • How to Start A Website
  •  See Scribe In Action!  Copyblogger’s plugin for making your content more searchable by search engines like Google.
  •  Client Attraction – Free CD – A step by step system for attracting clients to your small business and incorporating all the essential elements needed to ensure you have clients attracted to you.
  • HootSuite – Once you have the content this is an easy way to send it to social media at once.

Let me know about your content marketing experience? What works for your business? Comment below and let us all know.

To your Tech Success,