Your Small Business Website lost in the Internet Ocean

In the movie Finding Nemo, a father who happens to be a Clown fish searches the entire ocean for his little fish, son.  The amazing part is they do find each other at the end.   The true story is his survival and determination. The father went beyond his abilities and risked his life, never giving up hope until the end. You must do the same for your small business website!

Most small business owner are trying to find customers in the same way Nemo’s dad was trying to find him.  It’s a big ocean and the Internet might even be bigger.  Not like the story, many small business owners give up.  They haven’t found a system or a good partner like the memory lost sidekick the father found. They are the little fish in this big Internet Ocean. Scared and lonely at times. An Internet Business Coach helps Small business owners navigate the Internet.

Use Social Media to ask for help

To navigate through this Internet Ocean small businesses must ask for direction.  They need a small business website that will evolve with them.  It’s not about the technology but the business owner.

small business website Internet Ocean

It is the business owner that needs to tell the world their story.  With help from experts, like Internet Business Coaches, you can learn how to user your small business website as a log cost marketing tool.

How did Nemo and his father finally find each other?  Nemo’s dad told his story and the Ocean by Social Media of the sea informed everyone of the amazing journey.  In the end it was his story that saved him and his son. The seagull knew the story and Nemo.  He rescued the father and helped him on his way.  Nemo and his dad has a lot of help from fishes that were experts in there own areas.

Today we have Social Media and the power of blogging for the world to hear your story.  Like Nemo’s dad you can let the world know what you are looking for and in the end with hard work you will find Nemo, your customers.

The Internet works like the ocean it’s alive

Like the wonderful scenarios of Finding Nemo, you as a business owner have been at times in a crazy journey.  Tell the world about that journey.  The ups and downs.  How you changed things to make them better.  A little story about your experience can go a long way and help all the small business owners find their Nemo.

How to find Nemo?

The simple steps on how to find Nemo, your customers, are easy.  Implementing them and doing it on your own is hard.

  • Have a dynamic content driven small business website with WordPress
  • Write articles about your business topics on your small business website
  • Write articles about your business topics on other peoples websites
  • Tweet!  Use social media to inform people about your business topics.
  • It’s not about you, but about Nemo!  It’s all about your customers. Your articles must be about them.
  • Connect with your customers through social media and your blog posts.
  • Send out ezines to your customers
  • Connect with your competition through social media
  • Post comments on your competitor’s websites.  Nice messages please.
  • Talk with an Internet Business Coach and make an Internet Platform


To start, make sure you are in control of your small business website. Talk with an expert like an Internet Business Coach. Use WordPress and collaboration tools like Google Apps. Find applications in the cloud that can help your business and lower your cost.  Listen to the experts and take control of your small business website and online presence!

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