website keywordsWhat are your website keywords? 

Since we are on the subject of ‘How to Start a Website‘, we need to understand how keywords work. Let’s go backwards here.  If you want to find out how make the best Margarita what do you type into Google?

[How to make the best margarita] – or the –[ the best margarita recipe]

Either one would work. You would find someone talking about the best margarita.  Now if you know how to make the best margarita and want to write a blog post on your website about it, how will people search for it? What keywords will they use?

Exactly how we did above. Those are the keywords.  The most popular words people use to search for a given subject. Primary keywords are the obvious ones that are in the Title.

That’s it!  So when you are writing a post for your small business website you need to think backwards.  What are the keywords someone might use in Google to find your website?

Keyword Basics for your Small Business Website

You need to think of primary keywords when you are writing posts on your website.  Let’s say our blog is about mixed drinks. The above margarita post is going to be picked up better on the search engines. This is because we will be talking about many different mixed drinks on the website.  The topic is mixed drinks. Also, I will probably have more than one blog post on margaritas. The more your write about something more specifically, the more you will be seen as an expert online.

This means Google will eventually see my website as having expert advice on margaritas.

The tricks of keywords…

  • Keep on topic – Reuse some keywords for different blog posts
  • Niche the website
  • Have a primary keyword for each blog post that is in the Title, URL, Content and Meta Description
  • Use WordPress  SEO plugin like …. ‘WordPress SEO‘ or ‘All in one SEO pack
  • Use Google KeywordsPlanner to find the best keyword
  • Keywords are more valuable the beginning of the blog post
  • Use advanced keyword tools like Scribe.


Post Keywords Versus Website Keywords

It’s important to realize your small business website as a whole must be consistent  with the keywords.  This means when you are writing posts and pages repeat the same words.  For example if you are a Real Estate broker, you will be putting real estate on every page.  Real estate are the primary keywords  You should be also putting in the location where you are doing the real estate.  These are important website keywords.

Small business website keywords do not need to be primary or focus keywords.  They do not need to be in the title or the URL all the time.  They do need to be present.  Your website is your Internet Voice.  There is no assumption on the web.  People need to know what you are doing and what your goal is.  Just because you have where you do your business on the contact page, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention it on every page.  Especially if you have a local business.

Post keywords might not have your website keywords in the main areas.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to mention those words in every article possible.  Again if you a real estate broker, you can place the words ‘real estate’ and your town in every post.  This will help increase your chances of placing higher in search engines.


How to start a webiste by Choosing the right keywords

I tell people to write out your blog post first.  Get the idea of what you are talking about.  Then think how someone might search Google for that item or topic, like the margarita example I mentioned above.

Have a list of industry keywords that people use to search for your services or products.  Make sure you have at least one of these keywords in each blog post.  Your website keywords are the most important Search Engine Optimization tool.  It is important to be consistent with these words.   The words you repeat constantly to customers are your website keywords.

Keywords are in everything…

Remember when we talk about our business we use keywords.  They are the words that we naturally talk about.  You need to write on your small business website the way you talk about your business.  If you write out all that you tell people everyday in your business more people will find your website.  This is the fact that if you write a post a week for a year you will have 52 posts.  That is 52 possible entrances to your website.  If half those posts have primary keywords of one topic, like Margarita, then you will have 25 posts on the subject.  This will increase your SEO rating on these keywords.

Now,Write out your Keywords …

Right now take a piece of paper or word document and write out all the keywords you talk about in your business. Use Keyword tools to find out what Google sees you using as keywords now.


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