Your Small Business Website Voice

Technology evolves.   Especially for a small business website. Many people are scared of technology.  What they don’t realize is everything they use today is technology.  Everything from the TV to the Microwave to the door hinge is technology.  These devices were created for one purpose, to make life easier.  There is no reason to fear technology. Especially if this technology is your small business website.

For a small business when you mention technology they think, computer or cellphone.  These are good things to have but not the most important technology for a small business.  A small business needs to tell the world what they are doing, how good they are doing and most importantly, how they can help current and future clients.  This is marketing.  Yes. The most important technology for small business is marketing.  This is done with a Small Business Website.

Website VoiceWait!  Marketing isn’t technology. It doesn’t have batteries.  It wasn’t invented in a garage in the 70’s.  True. But marketing like everything else can be driven by technology.  In this case the Internet.  To easily get the word out about your company you must have a good Internet Marketing Strategy.

What are the easiest and cheapest ways to use Internet Marketing?

  • Website – A Small Business Website, that is!  I will say since I’m a web designer that will come as no surprise.  But what is a small business website? It’s a marketing catalog for your clients.  You have to write the website in the mindset of your clients and customers.
  • Email Lists – The most successful companies have always sent out marketing campaigns.  This use to cost companies a lot of money, however, today you can start for free with email lists. Like MailChimp.
  • Google – This goes with websites.  When you have a website you have to write everything on the website in a certain way to make it appear on Google and other search engines.  Plus Google has a ton of tools to enhance your business online.

That’s it!  Of course that is just the basics of Internet Marketing. Your foundation.

There are many more things to add.  But here is the test:

  • Does your small business have a website?
  • Are you communicating with all current, past and future customers on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • If you type your business name in Google will it come up?  Is it your own website or someone else talking about you?  What if you Googled your services or tag line?

If you have said ‘no’ to any of the above, then you are not using the most important technology for small businesses.  Internet Marketing needs to be learned and enhanced over time.   To get and keep your clients or customers you need to constantly talk about what your company does, what you are doing and how your company can help. If you want to get more clients, make more money in your business, sell more products you must answer yes to the above questions first.

Exercise your Small Business Website’s Voice

Again those are just the basics.  Not any old website will work. Not any old newsletter sent to someone’s email will work.  Plus it’s not easy to get ranked high in Google.  Getting a business online takes planning, hard work and time.  There is no get rich quick scheme here.  It’s all about creating systems and building an online brand.  I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times.  Isn’t it about time to get your company making more money by just simply getting a marketing driven website, communicate with email newsletters and get found in search engines?

Get started today. Grow your business with Internet Marketing.  Learn how to do all these things.  More importantly, how you can organize it all out and create a money making small business website.