You have a website and a Twitter, Facebook, google, mailing list and so on.  How do you keep track of this growing list of needed logins?  You need to know the username and password for so many things these days. You need to list all your website logins.  Part of doing business online is keeping a list of all your digital assets.

The easy way is to write it down.  Most IT people will say NEVER WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD!  They are right.  However, we all do!  So here is my secure tip on doing this.

Create a spreadsheet (you can do it on a piece of paper as well) using Excel or Google Drive. The first column of the sheet is the name of the site, for example Twitter, then your email you used and your username followed by the password and then the URL where you login as shown below.  This website logins list should grow very quickly.


Now I just said don’t write down passwords.  that is where you have to be creative.  Create a couple of passwords and list them somewhere else that you can refer to (somewhere secure! like your wallet) then create Pass1 which refers to the password you created for Pass1.


Pass1 :  Milk99

Pass2: Kudos11

These obviously aren’t that secure of passwords, read How to Create a Secure Password to make them secure.  For now, if you do the above for every login you have you will be able to refer to this sheet very quickly and login quickly.  However, you can also use the single sign in with Google Apps, Google, Twitter, WordPress and another secure account  for a lot of online Apps. This will use those logins to access other applications.

Also sometimes the email address is the username.

This is just a quick tip to organize the growing number of online Applications and tools we use for our businesses.  This is a great way to keep an inventory of all our digital assets. I feel sometimes we waste time searching for things that we already use.

Also, this is a great way to reset all your passwords.  If you have a list of all your website logins then you will just need to run down the list.  A great way to prevent cyber security risks.

How do you keep track of your website logins? Comment below and join the conversation.