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Terry Culkin helps people understand and use technology in today’s fast pace tech-driven world.  Over 20 years of Tech Experience Terry Can help organize your companies technology; build, secure & optimize your business website; find productive tools to do more with less time & money.  

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Grow Your Business today by saving on your Technology.  Know what tools will work and help grow your business.  With over 20 years of IT experience I have helped businesses save money and be more productive with technology.

Web Development & Optimization

Websites are not only needed today but come in many types.  A website isn’t a one size fits all and keeps changing.  Each part of your business may even need a special site. Plus is your website secure, fast and viral? 

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There is so many fun and interesting things you, your kids and your family. 

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Tech Tips, Tutorials & Reviews

What is Small Business Website Content Marketing?

 Small Business Website Content Why does your small business need a website? A website is a tool for your business. A small business website markets your business online. Meaning, it attracts new customers and keeps old ones. For your website to do this, you need...

content marketing

Small Business Website Keyword Secrets

What are your website keywords?  Since we are on the subject of 'How to Start a Website', we need to understand how keywords work. Let’s go backwards here.  If you want to find out how make the best Margarita what do you type into Google? [How to make the best...

website keywords

5 Quick Tips to Plan Your Website Perfectly

A small business website talks directly to your current and prospective customers.  You do this every time you talk on the phone, email and meet someone in person.  All a website does is automate this process. For example, you meet five people today.  You give them...


Burnt Toast is the Biggest Small Business Tech Issue

My wife is upstairs with the kids and that gray round buzzer thing (yeah the smoke alarm!) is screaming at me. Another burnt toast morning.  Burnt toast is all about small business tech.  How we handle burnt toast is how most business owners handle small business...

Small Business Tech Mistake

When the Internet Business Coach Website breaks

As an Internet Business Coach, I have people calling me in a panic all the time. "My website is down!" "Something's wrong with my website!" I look over the website and fix the issue.  After all, that is what an Internet Business Coach does.  Helps people with their...

Small Business Website wordPress

Your Small Business Website Voice is Internet Marketing

Your Small Business Website Voice Technology evolves.   Especially for a small business website. Many people are scared of technology.  What they don’t realize is everything they use today is technology.  Everything from the TV to the Microwave to the door hinge is...

Website Voice

Is your small business website Finding Nemo?

Your Small Business Website lost in the Internet Ocean In the movie Finding Nemo, a father who happens to be a Clown fish searches the entire ocean for his little fish, son.  The amazing part is they do find each other at the end.   The true story is his survival...

Internet Ocean