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We live in an online business world. Your website needs to work for your business. As a business owner and leader you need the best tools for your business. Many businesses do not properly maintain their website. Over 30,000 websites are hacked a day. I help businesses manage their technologies to be safer and make more money. Let's face it, if your website is down or not telling the world the TRUTH about your business, than you are loosing money!Click Here to recive your free Security Guideto keep your business up to date with today’s tools, tricks and trends. Take a look at all the free resources I provide to help you become more tech savvy. Use the social media icons or my contact page to talk with me.
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5 Cloud Based Creative Tools to Share Large Files

Have you ever tried to send a large file to someone? Or a lot of files. What went wrong?Was it slow?Did they get them?Did your email client give you a hard time!Let’s face it if you are sending large or many files you may run into some … [Read More...]

6 Mistakes On Your Small Business Website

Is your website marketing your small business? Reviewing many websites I have found 6 missing elements that hurt your business. A website is not a light fixture. You just don’t flip the switch.You need virtual items that people expect. A website is your … [Read More...]

5 Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic Today

We all want more.  When you are running an online business or any business that has a website, you want more people to see your website.  Here are 5 quick ways to Increase website Traffic today!  The great thing about them, they're FREE! 1 - BlogLovin - … [Read More...]

How to Run Your Online Business Like Mickey Mouse?

My sons love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They can watch this show for hours, if we let them.  Occasionally when I’m not writing or find myself needing a break, I will watch a couple of minutes.  All parents do!  It’s our form of downtime.Looking at Mickey … [Read More...]

How to Create a Secure Password That’s Easy to Remember

Everyone tells you that you need a secure password.  You shouldn’t even use 1-2-3-4-5 for your luggage (Yes SpaceBalls reference!).  Actually you need a unique secure password for every website you login to!  WHAT THE BLEEP !!!!Seriously, how in bleeping … [Read More...]

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for your Business Website

WordPress is king. Currently 20% of websites out there are using WordPress.  Meaning it is easy to get help and by far the most popular way to build a website.  It’s easy to update your website once you learn it.WordPress has great core features that can … [Read More...]

The Hidden Google Search Tools That Save Time

Google is the almighty solution to find anything.  I previously talked about 3 Secret Advanced Google Search Tips to Find What You Want. Now lets talk about one Google search feature that few people use but it’s a lifesaver.When you Search Google, you … [Read More...]

The Secret to Look Smarter Than Einstein in Business

Einstein is seen as the smartest guy who ever lived.  Why? What made him so smart? Many people have studied him and his brain to try to discover the magic formula.  There has been a ton of books on this subject.  How can you be smarter than Einstein? Business … [Read More...]

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